Warcry: The future of the Eightpoints…

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10 Sep 2019
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Warcry – it’s pretty good, eh? Over the past month or so, hordes of you have sought tabletop glory in the Eightpoints, experiencing a new age of skirmish combat in the mortal realms and generally having a cracking time. So, with the game soaring in popularity, we wanted to give you an update on our future plans – of which we have lots!


Firstly, a heads-up. The Warcry Starter Set, in its current form, won’t be around forever. We’re letting you know so if you’re looking to give a friend or family member the gift of eternal carnage in the blood-stained wastes of the Eightpoints for Christmas, you’ll want to grab your copy today. Check with your local store to see if they’ve still got the Starter Set on their shelves.


Getting started with Warcry is still super simple, even without the Starter Set – just grab the Core Rules, then pick a warband and a Ravaged Lands set.


Another piece of good news is that you’ve got loads of awesome stuff to look forward to for Warcry. For one, the excellent scenery from the box will be available separately before long, perfect for building Warcry boards and creating epic cityscapes for your games. For another, the Iron Golem, Untamed Beasts and Chaotic Beasts are available separately right now.


After that, you can look forward to a new book containing rules for all the warbands in the game (and much, much more besides!), meaning if you missed out on their faction cards, you’ll still be able to play with them.


What’s more, as the sharp-eyed among you will have noticed, we’ve got two more warbands on the way. As an early teaser, here’s one of the barbarous pit-fighters from the Spire Tyrants – the battle-hardened gladiator tribes from the Varanspire itself.


It’s like someone crossed a Chaos Marauder and one of the Varanguard – then threw in a healthy dash of terror for good measure!

Meanwhile, if Monsters & Mercenaries has you raring to tackle (or enslave!) more terrifying beasts from the fighting pits of the Varanspire, good news! All manner of monstrous horrors are on the way, like this brutal Fomoroid Crusher.


Sick of your enemies hiding behind the scenery? Just enlist this guy to throw some at them. Simple!

And that’s just a small taste of what’s to come for Warcry! If you’re still looking for a Starter Set, make sure to grab it now before it disappears. If you’re already sorted, secure your copy of Monsters & Mercenaries and await your chaotic reinforcements…
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