Warband Focus: The Grymwatch

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10 Sep 2019
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Forget Stormcast Eternals – at last, Warhammer Underworlds has some real heroes. Riding across Ghur in search of adventure come the Grymwatch. These bold warriors are here to slay monsters, honour their king, and SUCK THE MARROW FROM YOUR VERY BONES – and today, we’re looking at just how they play!


Who are the Grymwatch?

So, maybe the Grymwatch aren’t actually brave, knightly heroes, but in fact a pack of deluded, cannibalistic killers. Hailing from the blasted and ruined kingdoms to the North of Beastgrave, the Grymwatch are on a wild quest to slay a beast that dwells within the living mountain – or so they believe. While their intentions may be ostensibly pure, they’re still as flesh-hungry as the rest of their Flesh-eater Courts kin – woe betide any who happen upon the Grymwatch in the dark and twisting tunnels of Beastgrave…

The Fighters


Fast, brutal in close combat and capable of bringing fighters back to the battlefield in a terrifying torrent, Duke Crakmarrow is a fine leader for the Grymwatch and should be at the heart of any strategy. When Inspired, Crakmarrow’s speed, huge damage output and access to Cleave make him ideal for finishing off wounded enemies...
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