Unleashing Abominable Intellect: A Beginner’s Guide

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Foro Warhammer

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10 Sep 2019
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So hey, apparently, you’re pretty good at Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. You’ve beaten Obsidius Mallex so many times you and your group call him “the tall Traitor Guardsman”. You might as well get a loyalty card for the Forbidden Vault, what with your repeat visits. You once beat the Dreaded Ambull with Espern Locarno… in close combat. “Blackstone Fortress?” you scoff, “more like Lovely Space Cottage”.

It’s time to remember what fear feels like – and it’s all down to Abominable Intellect.


That Doesn’t Sound Good!
Well, you’re the one who called the Blackstone Fortress a “Lovely Space Cottage”.

I Absolutely Did Not, But Continue.
Ahem. So Abominable Intellect is an expansion that packs enough pain and suffering into 44 cards to make a Haemonculus blush.

Is That Fun?
It is absolutely LOADS of fun. IF YOU LIKE PAIN! And, y’know, a more diverse range of combat encounters.

So How Does it Work?
Abominable Intellect is a set of cards that offers a new, more challenging version of every encounter in Blackstone...
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