Unleash the Beasts!

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Usuario Habitual (3/7)
10 Sep 2019
Me gustas

It’s a beast of a week, with a pair of new releases from Black Library delving into the monstrous, the terrifying and the bestial. Venture into the Warhammer Underworlds with Beastgrave, and return to the Blackstone Fortress to hunt The Beast Inside. Let’s find out more.


The new season of Warhammer Underworlds takes the action from the Mirrored City of Shadespire to an ancient mountain in Ghur known as the Beastgrave. C L Werner’s new novel of the same name looks into the lore of this place, and some of the warriors fighting to seize its power.


Ghroth the Rootcutter is an ambitious Beastlord who seeks the tomb of the Godbeast reputed to be at the heart of the mountain. Guided by visions, he knows he is destined for greatness.* Standing against him is the Branchwraith Kyra, who is also plagued with visions of the destruction Ghroth will wreak if he succeeds. In the darkness of the Beastgrave, their fates will be decided.

This story is a great way to explore the new setting for Warhammer Underworlds, and to discover just what the Katophrane Curse coming to Ghur means for those around the mountain, as well as those who find themselves trapped inside it. Both hardback and eBook are available to pre-order – grab yours now!


Another type of beast is loose in the Blackstone Fortress in Darius Hinks’ new audio drama, The Beast Inside. A dreaded ambull is rumoured to be at large – and Rogue Trader Janus Draik will stop at nothing to kill the creature.** Accompanied by master tracker Dahyak Grekh, Draik sets out into the labyrinth of the fortress… but there are others who are hunting the beast, and their motives are less stabby and more about controlling the ambull. Can Draik and Grekh get it first, or will they be ambull food?


Pre-order this full-cast audio drama to find out. It’s packed with atmosphere, and is the only way to discover what an ambull sounds like, short of freezing yourself for 40,000 years and venturing into the Blackstone Fortress to face it – which we wouldn’t recommend.

You can pre-order both Beastgrave and The Beast Inside now. And remember that you only have until 18:00 BST tomorrow (Sunday 22nd September) to submit your short story ideas to Black Library, on the theme of Comrades in Arms. Check out the submissions form for more information.

* After all, visions of greatness are very reliable, right?
** You might think he’d want to sell it, but in his defence, who in their right mind would buy it?