The Psychic Awakening Starts Today!

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10 Sep 2019
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We’ve been building up to it for some time now, but today is the day when the Psychic Awakening officially begins as the first campaign book, Phoenix Rising, is available to pre-order along with the incredible Blood of the Phoenix battlebox! Take a look…

Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising:
This awesome campaign book is a must-have for anyone wanting to read all about, and get involved with, the galaxy-changing events of the Psychic Awakening. The first book in the series, Phoenix Rising tells the story of how the opening of the Great Rift has affected Aeldari of every stripe. At its heart is Yvraine’s ongoing quest to fully awaken Ynnead – the slumbering God of the Dead. She desperately seeks the means to save her people from the terrible curse that has beset them since the downfall of their former empire and the birth of Slaanesh.
The book is also full of Aeldari rules content, including guidelines for choosing your own craftworld, Kabal, Wych Cult and Haemonculus Coven abilities, as well as updated datasheets for the amazing new Jain Zar, Drazhar, Howling Banshees and Incubi miniatures. Meanwhile, the Ynnari receive a full set of faction rules, including datasheets for the Triumvirate of Ynnead, Stratagems, Warlords Traits, relics, Tactical Objectives and the Revenant psychic discipline.
Phoenix Rising will be available as a hardback and luxurious Collector’s Edition, as well as in ePub and Enhanced...
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