The Klaivex Unleashed!

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10 Sep 2019
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We’re back with another fateful scry into the near future of the 41st Millennium – the Psychic Awakening. But before you go any further, make sure you catch up with the first passage of the prophecy – and check out the awesome new Howling Banshee Exarch! Up to speed? Then continue, and glean what you can from the next passage before basking in the evil splendour of the new Klaivex…


Things continue to sound pretty bleak, but brace yourself – they’re about to get a whole lot worse. If you were wondering last week who would be foolish enough to go toe-to-toe with an Aeldari Exarch, now we have the answer…

…behold the Klaivex of an upcoming PLASTIC Incubi set!


The Klaivex’s impassive mask somehow projects a murderous intent, while his wide, ready stance provides a real sense of menace. Attached to his armour’s rearing spines, you can see the smashed spirit stones of the Aspect Warriors that the Klaivex has cruelly plucked from those fallen to his blades. One of these sacred stones is mounted on his brow, represents the first spirit that the Klaivex claimed in battle and to grants him entry...
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