The Holidays are Just Around the Corner…

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10 Sep 2019
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Fancy hat? Check.
Billowing red cloak? Check.
A bag stuffed with goodies? Check.
Beloved by all of the little ones? Check.

You know him. You wish you could meet him. Who could it be?

A few readers may be seasoned enough* to remember a classic game called Gorkamorka, in which Orks were left to their own devices on a barren world called Angelis. In that game, the Red Gobbo led a group of separatist grots, seeking to throw off the yoke of oppression – making him a true underdog hero.
Can you imagine a more iconic greenskin in all the galaxy? Well, of course there are loads more, but if you’re a grot he’s the tops – leader of Da Revolushun, champion of the exploited and the dakka-less!

Unlike other mythical seasonal characters, the Red Gobbo is very real. He even has his own Twitter page, and obviously those can’t be faked…

The Return of a Folk Hero

Now, the Red Gobbo rises again just in time for this holiday season! He wants nothing more than to arm Revolushunaries like yourself with all of the gubbinz that your heart desires.
If you make a gift list in a Warhammer or Games Workshop store, or on our website, and let him know why YOU deserve to win, he’ll check it over...
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