Tech-Priests and Bounty Hunters

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10 Sep 2019
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Belisarius Cawl is a hero of the Imperium. He’s a tech-priest who walked Terra at the time of the primarchs, and the architect of the Primaris Space Marines… But what do we know about him? Prepare to find out a lot more in a new novel by Guy Haley – and see the return of an old favourite in a new Warhammer Chronicles omnibus. Here are the details.


Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work is a new novel focusing, for the first time, on the mysterious tech-priest who created the Primaris Space Marines and their wondrous wargear. Guy Haley has previously written about Cawl in both the Horus Heresy and Dark Imperium novels, and now he’s taking the Archmagos on a journey to Sotha (a world Guy also has some experience with) as he tries to get his hands* on materials for the next phase of his plans. What he finds there could change the Imperium forever – and along the way, you’ll discover a lot about his intentions and motivations for helping Primarch Guilliman create new armies for the Imperium.



Pre-order the hardback, eBook and unabridged MP3 audiobook editions of Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work now.


C L Werner has written many fan-favourite characters – Thanquol and Boneripper, Mathias Thulmann, Malus Darkblade… the list is endless. Perhaps his most beloved creation, though, is Brunner the Bounty Hunter. A hard-bitten mercenary warrior, Brunner is the kind of bounty hunter who always gets his man** and will cut down anything that stands in his path. Yet he’s also a man of conscience, who will help those in need, at any cost.***


Experience his greatest adventures in an omnibus of three novels – Blood Money, Blood & Steel and Blood of the Dragon. Each of them is filled with action and drama and will give you a glimpse of the gritty underbelly of the world-that-was. Pre-order it in paperback and eBook now.

* Hands, mechadendrites, whatever.
** Or woman, or creature, or… you get the idea.
*** Other than failing to complete a bounty and get paid. A man’s got to eat, after all.