Roaring onto the Field

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Usuario Habitual (3/7)
10 Sep 2019
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“These upright lizards have a natural killer instinct for Blood Bowl” – Bob

almost warms my heart to see a group of fellow cold-blooded monsters get their time in the sun, Bob” – Jim


There’s a rumour, spread by the Lizardmen and Slann themselves, that they’ve been playing the game since the beginning of time as we know it. It might sound far-fetched, but it’s true enough that their brand of Blood Bowl is significantly different from the games played in the Old World.

Now, teams like the Gwaka’moli Crater Gators have made the long swim across the pond to play in the official leagues of the younger races. The combination of strong, intimidating Saurus Blockers supporting fast and dexterous Skinks makes them a slippery team for opponents to get to grips with.

Born to Play the Game

“These lizards are dino-mite on the Line of Scrimmage!” – Jim
“The other team’s gonna feel saur-ry they crossed ’em” – Bob

There are two broad categories of players in a Lizardmen team – the big ones and the fast ones. Both are imbued with an instinctual understanding of the rules, and their natural abilities allow them to excel in their given roles. Saurus Blockers boast an AV 9 and a respectable ST 4 right out of the gate, making them incredibly good value for their cost in GP.


You can also take a single Kroxigor, and you really should as soon as you can afford it. They add one additional point of Strength but, more importantly, they have a slew of five skills that make them especially thorny, including Thick Skull, Prehensile Tail, and Mighty Blow.

Skinks, on the other hand, trade all of their strength for massive speed and sneaky skills like Dodge and Stunty, which makes them excellent for running the ball through the holes that your Blockers open up for them. Invest a little extra GP to get one or two Chameleon Skinks – they have a couple of extra tricks to keep them out of harm’s way.


A Star is Spawned
“Jim, you were saying Slann coaches have an easy time with weigh-ins?” – Bob
“That’s right. Turns out the players bring their own scales” – Jim


If you think facing off against a Saurus is a daunting proposition, imagine pairing up against Glotl Stop at the Line of Scrimmage! Don’t laugh at his name… He’ll Glotl Stomp you right into the Astrogranite with the brutal combination of Frenzy, Piling On and Mighty Blow.

Not to be outdone, Drull and Dribl are tiny but mighty twin Skinks, sporting the Stab and Dirty Player skills – they can surprise any opponent unwise enough to underestimate them.


Kickin’ it Old School
“After a brutal first half, that Lizardmen team is nearly ex-Skinked!” – Bob
“Don’t worry, Bob – the Slann coach says it’s all part of his Great Plan, whatever that means” – Jim

For a team that allegedly invented the game, the Lizardmen have an unusual team makeup that takes some getting used to. A coach has to take the dual nature of the players into account – play to your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses if you plan to make it to the playoffs.


Skinks are fast enough to easily outpace the heavy-hitters in their bid for a quick touchdown, but this can leave them dangerously exposed. With a Movement of 7 and 8, both species of Skinks are incredibly fast, plus they have the Stunty and Dodge skills to evade your opponent’s Tackle Zones.

Chameleon Skinks also add the Pass Block and Shadowing skills for some situational tricks that offer an impressive pay off with careful planning and a bit of luck. They’re too fragile to leave exposed, so keep them shielded behind your Blockers and focus on setting them up for a sprint to the finish line! Keep them out of a scrap and they’ll never disappoint you – if only your opponents would all agree to just leave them alone…


On the other hand, while they are surprisingly fast compared to other teams’ high-Strength blockers, Saurus Blockers and Kroxigors may be strong, but as they are the least agile players in the team, you should avoid handing them the ball.

Saurus and Kroxigor are also both surprisingly fast compared to other teams’ high-Strength blockers. If you leave them to the solemn task of smashing the other team, they’re extremely reliable. As they are cheap, you can, and should, load up on Saurus Blockers – plus, they’re likely to stick around for a while in a league, due to their high ST and AV.

If You’re Looking for Something a Little Different…
… Lizardmen are a great starting point. Their unique play style feels amazing when it all works, and when it doesn’t it’s pretty easy to see where it fell off, to learn for your next game. Many opponents find them tricky and unpredictable, and of course, they look totally different to everything else on the pitch if you’re after a fun painting project. Contrast paints work especially well with the vibrant colours on their natural textures and scales.

The Gwaka’moli Crater Gators go up for pre-order this Saturday, alongside Spike! Journal Issue 7 with all the rules you’ll need to play them, as well as an ancient-temple pitch and set of matching dice. Make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter, and we’ll send you a reminder to put your pre-order in.