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10 Sep 2019
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The Warlord Titan is the master of the battlefield but with so many weapon options available what are the best loadouts to achieve success in your games of Adeptus Titanicus? Here’s Rob with his top tips to get the most out of your mighty god-machines.

Rob: Broadly speaking, every Titan in your force will fit into one of three main roles. I like to call these archetypes the Shieldbreaker, the Nutcracker and the Finisher. The Warlord Titan is special as it can take so many weapons that it can fulfil multiple positions, and it can be equipped with ‘hybrid’ weapons that are able to do two jobs!


The Shieldbreaker

The role of the Shieldbreaker is simple – drop the void shields of an enemy Titan as quickly as you can. For Warlord Titans this is usually a secondary role, as they have access to some of the strongest weapons in the game, which can be put to better use than bringing down enemy shields.

That said, they do have a contender for best anti-shield weapon – the Apocalypse missile launcher. This weapon has a huge 10 dice (the largest number in the game) which is great for stripping the enemy’s shields. Just be careful with the limited fire arc – positioning is key to getting the most from this weapon.

Hybrid weapons that can also help with this role are anything that has a large number of shots, such as the macro gatling blaster.

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker’s job is to crack open an unshielded Titan, enabling you to reach the tasty reactor core inside – and to score an engine kill in the process.* The undisputed master of this role is the Belicosa volcano cannon with its massive Strength of 12. This almost guarantees that you will be able to damage a location and secure bonuses to future rolls. Blast weapons like the volcano cannon tend to be the best for this as they have high Strength even though they cannot target specific locations, making it a little harder to ensure you’re hitting the same spot each time.

Another great choice for this is the Mori quake cannon. Its impressive Strength of 9 is coupled with the ability to disrupt your opponent’s plans with the Quake and Concussive traits – handy for ensuring that enemy Titans are where you need them to be to deliver the coup de grâce.

Hybrid weapons for this role are any that have a high strength to enable them to start doing damage to intact locations, like the Sunfury plasma annihilator.


The Finisher

Everything is going well, you’ve stripped the opposing Titan’s shields and managed to seriously damage its legs, but you still need to finish the Titan off. Every shot from your blast weapons hits a different location, meaning that the Titan is almost dead but somehow manages to keep going. Rather than flipping the table over and screaming “why won’t you die?!”, this is where you need the Finisher.

The Finisher sits somewhere in the middle, between the Shieldbreaker and the Nutcracker, requiring weapons with a large number of dice, but also high Strength. Possibly the best option currently available is the macro gatling blaster. It sits with a decent number of dice (essential in order to score those targeted hits), decent Strength and the fantastic Ordnance trait so you can re-roll Armour rolls of 1.

Paired laser blasters are a great example of a hybrid weapon. With Strength 8 and 6 shots, this weapon can deliver the finishing blow to enemy god-engines, whilst the Shieldbane trait works well for stripping any void shields your opponent has managed to get back up.


Sample Loadouts

So how do you put this all together? When equipping my Warlords (or any other Titans, I always try to keep the role I want it to perform in mind whilst also making sure that the weapon ranges complement each other. Below are two of my favourite loadouts.

Nutcracker/Shieldbreaker: Apocalypse missile launcher, Belicosa volcano cannon, Mori quake cannon

This loadout is most at home sitting at the back of the table providing supporting fire. All of the weapons have impressive ranges, and the Belicosa volcano cannon is superb at getting the initial damage in whilst the Mori quake cannon messes with enemy plans. Twin volcano cannons are a potent option but, in my experience, the reactor tends to run far too hot with when you’re pushing it to power two Draining weapons.**

This Titan is also fantastic against Knights! The Belicosa can utterly destroy entire Banners while the quake cannon shakes whatever’s left – perfect for stopping those devastating Cerastus Knight charges.

Finisher: Paired laser blasters, Sunfury plasma annihilator, macro gatling blaster

The ranges of these weapons all line up – this is a Warlord that wants to be moving up the table, providing close support to your other Titans. With such a large number of shots, it can also do good work stripping shields, and the plasma annihilator has enough power (especially when using Maximal Fire) to start work on taking down an undamaged Titan.

Thanks, Rob! Whether you want to break shields, crack nuts or just finish things off, pick up a Warlord Titan here.

* Don’t actually use a Warlord Titan to crack nuts – that’s the literal definition of overkill.
** Of course, if you’re a Princeps of the Fire Masters, the Fire Wasps or any other Titan Legion with the word ‘fire’ in their name, this might not be a problem.