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10 Sep 2019
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Ever since we announced the impending arrival of Codex Supplement: Iron Hands, many of you have been asking just who exactly the glorious new miniature accompanying the book represents. A fair question, and one that we’ll be answering in full today! Read on and learn all about the lore and rules for a certain Iron Father Feirros…

Soul of the Chapter:
Iron Father Malkaan Feirros is one of the oldest living warriors in the Iron Hands, and once even counted the current Chapter Master, Kardan Stronos, as his pupil. He has been a leading voice on the Iron Council – a conclave comprised of the Chapter’s Iron Fathers – for longer than anyone can remember, and through him the values held by the Iron Hands are kept in balance.


Feirros has long believed that to sacrifice all emotion in favour of cold logic is to make the same mistakes that...
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