Preview: Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike

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10 Sep 2019
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With the Iron Hands and Raven Guard codex supplements up for pre-order tomorrow, along with a load of new miniatures, the Space Marines previews continue apace this week! Yesterday, we took a look at the new Iron Hands Character, Iron Father Feirros, so today it’s the turn of Kayvaan Shrike of the Raven Guard. Familiar to some, new to others, sneaky to all, here’s what we know of the Imperium’s ultimate stealth killer…*

Master of Shadows:
Kayvaan Shrike, the young warrior who would eventually become Chapter Master of the Raven Guard, forged his legend in the fires of war as Shadow Captain of the 3rd Company – the Ghoststalkers. He led his battle-brothers from one war zone to the next, always favouring worlds that had been abandoned to invading armies by overstretched Imperial forces. Upon making planetfall, Shrike would lead his Battle Company in a masterful campaign of guerilla warfare. Time and time again, his Raven Guard would burst forth from the shadows to annihilate lightly defended columns and destroy ammunition stores before melting into the darkness once more like phantoms.


When Corvin Severax was slain in pursuit of the brilliant T’au Commander, Shadowsun, Kayvaan Shrike was the clear choice to take his place as Master of Shadows, Chapter Master of the Raven Guard. He grudgingly accepted the position, the mantle of leadership resting uneasily on his shoulders. Shrike still sees himself as a Captain whose place is on the battlefield, leading his men from the shadows to the ruin of their enemies.
When elements of the Indomitus Crusade reached the Raven Guard Chapter planet of Deliverance, Kayvaan Shrike crossed the Rubicon Primaris without hesitation and encouraged many of his Shadow Captains to do the same. He knew that the Raven Guard needed to be as prepared as possible for the battles ahead, and has sent his Battle Captains to war zones across the Imperium that they may perfect the same deadly skills of feint and ambush that turned him into their greatest living warrior.


On the Battlefield:
Kayvaan Shrike embodies a deadly fusion of speed and hitting power, his combination of souped-up jump pack and Primaris enhancements making for a brutal profile.


Skrike’s Phobos armour incorporates the retractable lightning claws known as the Raven’s Talons, that many believe were forged by Corax himself in the wake of the infamous Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V. He also bears Blackout, an artificer pistol with which he has silenced many a would-be tyrant with a single, well-placed shot between the eyes.


As a Chapter Master, Shrike offers re-rolls to hit for all nearby Raven Guard, but that is far from his only trick** – he offers re-rolls to charge too!


As one would expect from one of the Imperium’s deadliest proponents of the jump pack, Shrike hits like a ton of bricks*** when he crashes into the fray.


With his ability to spearhead a charge so effectively, you’ll be wanting to support your Chapter Master with swift and powerful units such as Vanguard Veterans (preferably armed with power fists and thunder hammers – you’ll be able to re-roll all of your misses, remember?), or Phobos-armoured units like Reivers and Incursors to take advantage of their bladework.
Kayvaan Shrike will be available to pre-order tomorrow, along with Codex Supplement: Raven Guard, so you won’t have long to wait before you can unleash the sons of Corax in full force. Make sure you pick up Codex: Space Marines, too, for further background information and rules for the full range of units, and get ready to make your opponents fear their own shadows…

* Disclaimer: We’re not counting Sly Marbo because… he’s Sly Marbo!
** Though we hasten to add that it really is a super-useful trick. After all, who doesn’t like to re-roll all of their failed hits?!
*** More specifically, a ton of ceramite.
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