Pre-order Today: Codex Supplements, Eliminators and More!

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10 Sep 2019
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If you’re a fan of the Raven Guard and Iron Hands – or of Space Marines in general, for that matter – today is a good day. Not only are two Chapter-specific expansions to the mighty Codex: Space Marines available to pre-order RIGHT NOW, but there are some incredible new miniatures too! Feast your eyes on what is only a few clicks away…

Codex Supplement: Raven Guard

This expansion is your ultimate guide to the sons of Corax, from their Chapter planet of Deliverance and military structure to their greatest campaigns and mastery of covert warfare. Should you wish to field the Raven Guard in battle, you’ll have access to a datasheet for their Chapter Master, Kayvaan Shrike, as well as new Warlord Traits, the Umbramancy psychic discipline, Chapter Relics, Stratagems and Tactical Objectives. The codex supplement is available as a standard hardback or premium Collector’s Edition, as well as...
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