Necromunda – Who Really Wins?

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10 Sep 2019
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After a hard-fought Necromunda campaign which gang wins? It’s obvious, isn’t it? The one with the highest gang rating is the campaign winner. Oh, wait, perhaps it’s the gang with the most territories. Or it could be the gang with the most cash, or maybe it’s that terrifying gang that slew the most enemies? Hmm, it’s not obvious after all – luckily we have Jon Boyce on hand with an idea on how to determine the ultimate winner.

Jon: In the Dominion campaign system there are five ‘Triumphs’ awarded in the Ending the Campaign phase. The ‘Dominator’ holds the most territories; the ‘Slaughterer’ has taken most enemy fighters Out of Action; the ‘Creditor’ has the largest Wealth; the ‘Warmonger’ has fought the most battles and the ‘Power Broker’ has the highest Reputation.

But sometimes, in the aftermath of a hotly-fought campaign, the players still want to know which of them has actually won.*


In our gaming group, we introduced a ranking system that attempts to aggregate all of the above achievements over the course of a campaign so that we could determine who is the true champion – the winner of winners. We use it to track rankings week by week, and of course, to determine who is the overall winner and award Triumphs at the end.


We’ve refined the system a little as we’ve used it. In our earlier campaigns, the number of games was added to the total ranking score, but we soon found this unfairly penalised people who couldn’t attend as regularly. Tracking is an arcane system** which records wealth (which we divide by 100), number of territories held, number of enemy fighters taken Out Of Action and Reputation change. We total these measures and divide the figure by the number of games played, with the aim of recognising consistency across a number of games.


Running the rankings does take a bit of management – someone needs to either hang around at the end of games night to record everyone’s results, or to chase people up afterwards.*** The advantage, however, is that we are able to publish a weekly rankings table – so people can easily see who their nearest rivals are, who is the top dog, and who is wallowing at the bottom of the table!


At the end of the campaign, the winner is the player with the highest campaign score. They must have played a minimum of five games – although this could be changed, perhaps a minimum of one game per cycle as an example. The usual Triumphs are also awarded, as detailed in the Ending the Campaign summary.


This system has been working really well for our group – at the end of a hotly-contested campaign, it’s really satisfying to be crowned the overall winner. Although it does put a target on your back when you begin the next campaign!

Thanks, Jon that’s a great way to decide an ultimate winner for campaigns. Join us over on the Necromunda Facebook page to let us know how your campaigns are going and what system you use to pick a winner. If you find yourself nearer to the bottom of the table than the top, then maybe it’s time to hire some help.

* In our eyes, they’re ALL winners.
** Praise be to the tech-adepts that maintain the spreadsheet.
*** We recommend putting an underhive bounty out on anyone who’s late submitting results.