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10 Sep 2019
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With all of the amazing releases that have come out for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game in the past year, we have seen new projects sprouting up across the Warhammer World site – and the folks over at the store are no different. With that in mind, we thought we would show off some recent work of two of Warhammer World’s finest – James Bragg and Ashley Reid.

James Bragg is a rather prolific painter, having worked on countless models over the years – from Maggotkin of Nurgle and Sylvaneth to loads of Space Marines, even though he still can’t decide on which Chapter to focus on! Recently James has turned his attention to some of the plastic Middle-earth Heroes – and the results are stunning!


His first foray back into Middle-earth was with Gandalf the White and Peregrin Took. James has managed to flawlessly paint different shades of white on the various layers of cloth that Gandalf wears, giving each one a distinctive tone. He also painted the fabric on Pippin’s robes and cloak to give them a realistic texture. The detailed paintwork on their faces is simply fantastic – both Gandalf and Pippin look just like the characters from the film!

Originally, painting the Gandalf and Pippin character set was meant to be a one-off project, but James enjoyed them so much that he picked up Éowyn & Merry as soon as they came out.


Much like Gandalf, James’ Éowyn model is exceptional. The tones he achieved on the horse are simply brilliant, and he even painted the white markings on its face! Again, James was able to recreate the fabric texture on the model’s cloak, and he highlighted the metallic areas with Stormhost Silver to simulate the way they catch the light as Éowyn charges into battle. James’ next plan is to get Merry finished to go alongside the valiant Shield Maiden of Rohan.

Ashley Reid has been a fan of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game for many years, and the narrative aspect of the recently-released Scouring of the Shire supplement has really reinvigorated his love for the Hobbits of the Shire. He even attended the Middle-earth Doubles event earlier in the year dressed as a Hobbit!


Upon first seeing the Hobbit-hole Upgrade Set from Forge World, Ashley immediately knew he wanted to build one of his own – in fact, he even dedicated one of the regular hobby workshops he runs here at Warhammer World to building Hobbit-holes!

Ashley’s Hobbit-hole features loads of extra little details, from the fences, window box and pathway made from coffee stirrers to the barrels left over from the Lake-town House kit. There’s even a washing line complete with shorts and a blanket knitted by one of Ashley’s friends!

Knowing that he needed some Hobbits to go alongside his Hobbit-hole, Ashley has continued to grow his existing Shire force, adding in some more Hobbit Shirriffs, Archers and Heroes. He’s even painted the villainous Sharkey who you can see lurking in the background – no doubt plotting the downfall of the pesky Halflings!


However, the star of Ashley’s force is Will Whitfoot. Ashley put his best work into the doughty Hobbit, adding as much detail into the model as he could – and I think we can all agree that the results are fantastic!

If you share a similar love of Hobbits, make sure you pick up the Scouring of the Shire supplement, as it’s packed with loads of fun, thematic scenarios to play through as well as profiles for a number of personalities of the Shire, from Hamfast ‘Gaffer’ Gamgee to Rosie Cotton! To keep up to speed with all the latest Middle-earth developments, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter too!