Katophrane Chronicle: Organising A Warhammer Underworlds Clash

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10 Sep 2019
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In a previous life, Warhammer TV Presenter Nick Bayton ran events for Games Workshop. Now, he runs a successful monthly Warhammer Underworlds clash in Bugman’s Bar here at our head office, with 30-40 players attending each time. We asked him for his advice on running an Organised Play event and he agreed to share his thoughts:

Nick: I attend Warhammer Underworlds events regularly, whether it’s smaller events at stores, larger tournaments or even Grand Clashes. Like me, the people that attend these gatherings love the game, and the community that’s built up around Organised Play is amazing. There might be players with different levels of experience but everyone is excited to play games, discuss tactics and check out each other’s decks and models. It’s this common bond that we all share that makes attending Organised Play events so much fun. Here are my top tips for running your own events:



First of all, you need to have a good idea of what your event is. It could just be a simple tournament but might have extra elements, including a painting competition, a quiz, or anything like that! Having it really clear in your head before you start will help guide all of your decisions and make it easy to promote your event to the community.

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