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10 Sep 2019
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Back at Warhammer Fest, we revealed that Golden Demon would be returning to the USA this year. Now, we’re bringing you more information so that you can get ready to claim painting glory at AdeptiCon 2020.

Golden Demon is our legendary painting event, where miniatures painters from around the world come to display their latest work and test their mettle across a selection of categories in one of the largest and longest-running miniatures painting competitions on the planet! More than just a competition, it’s a great opportunity to meet hobbyists from around the globe, share your work with other painters and be part of the grand display of epic hobby that is Golden Demon!


It’s also the perfect place to find inspiration for your next project, whether it’s a single model or a whole army – the Golden Demon cabinets are always a great source of ideas.

So that you can grab your paintbrushes and get started on your entry, we’re announcing the categories for Golden Demon USA.


Remember that all models must be produced by Games Workshop and either mounted on a gaming base or a display base of appropriate size.

Now you know which categories you can enter, how about a few tips on the best way to prepare? Well, we had a quick chat with Max Faleij, ‘Eavy...
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