Final Days for Black Library Submissions!

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10 Sep 2019
Me gustas

Have you sent your story submission to Black Library yet? If not, make yourself a cup of tea,* turn on your computer and get writing, as there are only a few days left…


Black Library is looking for talented new writers, and they’re testing your skills with a specific brief – Comrades in Arms. They want stories about bands of brothers and sisters facing impossible odds and battling for survival. If you can craft an exciting tale with compelling characters and crackling dialogue, you could find yourself joining the ranks of the Black Library authors.


Submissions close on Sunday the 22nd of September, so there are only a few more days to get your story in. You can find out more about what Black Library wants in the words of Submissions Editor Richard Garton in an article from last month, alongside a list of recommended reads that capture the spirit he’s looking for. For the legal terms and conditions, and to send your entry, check out the submissions form.

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