Faction Focus: Cities of Sigmar

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10 Sep 2019
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It’s almost here! Very soon, the armies of the Cities of Sigmar will march forth, forging your much-loved collections of aelves, humans and duardin into a single, deadly force and making for what could well be Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s most diverse battletome ever. In today’s MASSIVE battletome preview, we’re looking at just how it all works, what units you can use, and how it all comes together.

The Basics

Most armies are made up of a pool of units drawn from a variety of factions – for instance, Gloomspite Gitz include Dankhold Troggoths, Moonclan Grots and Spiderfang Grots. In some armies, each sub-faction shares allegiance abilities – like in Legions of Nagash – or benefits from their own – like in Beasts of Chaos, where the Warherds, Brayherds and Thunderscorn all have distinct abilities. These can be further distinguished with mini-allegiances – Idoneth Deepkin of the Dhom-hain Enclave, for example, are particularly good monster hunters on the tabletop.

Cities of Sigmar armies are a little bit different, combining a vast range of sub-factions, a set of universal allegiance abilities that affect everyone, then a further set of optional allegiance...
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