Black Library Weekender – Your Questions Answered

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10 Sep 2019
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The Black Library Weekender is less than two months away! Tickets for this incredible event, taking place on the 9th and 10th of November – are available now, and selling fast. We know you have some questions, and we have answers. Read on to discover what the weekender is, what’s happening, who’ll be there and more.


What is the Black Library Weekender?

The Black Library Weekender is the biggest fiction-focused event of the Warhammer calendar. Taking place over two days in the luxurious Belfry Hotel in Nottingham, it’s the ultimate celebration of Black Library’s books and audio dramas, packed with authors, artists, voice actors and much more.


What Will Be Happening There?

The main events at the weekender are the seminars. In these, panels of guests discuss a topic, ranging from “Defenders of Mankind: The Adeptus Astartes” to “The Art of Scriptwriting”. There’s also a chance to hear authors talk about their latest projects. Among these seminars, you’ll find Mike Brooks discussing Navigators, Warhammer Horror authors revealing the secrets behind Invocations, and Gav Thorpe delving into his new Siege of Terra novel, The First Wall.


Check out the full range of seminars – 25 of them across the weekend, including the ever-exciting “Coming Soon from Black Library” – in the full schedule!


As well as seminars, there are chances across the weekend to get your books signed by all of the authors present, and on Sunday morning, you can relax and chat to fifteen guests – and five of Black Library’s editors – in relaxed surroundings.

Who’s Going To Be There?

If you’ve eagerly perused the seminar schedule already, you’ll have a good idea who’s going to be there, but we’re gonna give you the full list anyway. There are 28 guests attending across the weekend, including authors, voice actors and artist Neil Roberts. Some are there for just the Saturday…


Some are there for just the Sunday….


While several will be present for the full weekend!


What Books Can I Buy?

As usual, there will be awesome new and pre-release books and CDs available at the weekender. You’ll be able to get your hands on the complete Black Library Novella Series 2 (and get loads of them signed by their authors), a haunting host of Warhammer Horror stories and more besides. You’ll also be able to pick up calendars, exclusive goodies and a brand-new events anthology for 2019/2020, containing stories by Denny Flowers, David Guymer, Darius Hinks, Graeme Lyon, Richard Strachan and Danie Ware – all of whom will be on hand throughout the weekend to scribble in it for you.


Where Can I Buy Tickets?

You can get your Black Library Weekender ticket from Eventbrite right now. It includes entry to both days of the event, as well as the Saturday night entertainment held in the hotel. You’ll get a swag bag filled with goodies as well as your chance to meet and chat to all the guests, get your favourite books signed, and get your hands on pre-release books and audio dramas. Grab your ticket now, and we’ll see you in November!