Black Library Weekender: Books and More!

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10 Sep 2019
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The Black Library Weekender is less than a month away, and if you’re even half as excited as us, then you are very excited indeed. A couple of weeks go, we brought you a look at the seminars and special guests. Today, we’re going to check out the fantastic books, audio dramas and other goodies that you’ll be able to pick up at the event. We also have details of more newly-announced things to see and do, including a chance to mingle with the guests and even play games based on Black Library books!

The Weekender is always an amazing opportunity to get your hands on new stuff before it’s available anywhere else – and this year will be no exception. First and foremost is the long-awaited new release from Dan Abnett, The Sabbat Worlds Crusade. This glorious coffee-table book is a revised edition of the classic background tome, bringing it bang up to date with the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels. It features the full story of the crusade to retake the Sabbat Worlds from Chaos, all the way up to the battle of Urdesh.

At over 200 pages, and packed with incredible new artwork, it’s a must-have for any fans of the Ghosts – and it’s first available at the Weekender alongside some neat, themed merchandise. A set of coasters will keep your tables safe from the touch of Chaos (or at least from awkward drink stains) and a set of pin badges will let you declare your allegiances and mark you out as a soldier of the Crusade. Best of all, the astonishing large-scale map of the Sabbat Worlds is a must-have for all fans, giving you the best ever look at the setting of the series, as well as being a gorgeous artefact for you to display.


Also available for the first time will be Guy Haley’s Darkness in the Blood, this year’s mega edition release, akin to last year’s Spear of the Emperor. This Blood Angels novel sees Dante step into his role as Warden of Imperium Nihilus, while also trying to find a way to help the increasing number of his battle-brothers falling to the Black Rage.

In addition to the novel itself, this incredible package includes a host of extras, including a journal, dice, metal bookmark and pin badge, coins, a sand timer and an art print.


There are other special and limited editions up for grabs as well – Mark of Faith by Rachel Harrison and The First Wall by Gav Thorpe. Mark of Faith follows Sister Evangeline of the Order of the Martyred Lady as she embarks on a perilous crusade into the darkness of Imperium Nihilus. The First Wall is the third book in the Siege of Terra series and focuses on the efforts of Perturabo to break the walls of the Imperial Palace. It pits the Iron Warriors against the Imperial Fists, in a classic battle of irresistible force versus immovable object.

Every copy of both these books comes signed by the authors, but you can get yours personalised by them during their signing sessions at the Weekender.


There will be a wide range of new hardbacks, paperbacks and audio dramas available at the Weekender store, from across the worlds of Warhammer. In hardback, you’ll be able to pick up the Blackstone Fortress anthology Vaults of Obsidian, Darius Hinks‘ new Mephiston novel City of Light, the Idoneth Deepkin novel The Court of the Blind King by David Guymer, spine-chilling Horror novel Castle of Blood by C L Werner, the 20th Anniversary edition of William King’s Gotrek & Felix classic Trollslayer and a collection of all Dan Abnett’s short Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy fiction, Lord of the Dark Millennium.


The centrepiece of the new paperbacks will be the ten books of Black Library Novella Series 2. These stories range from a tense tale of Mordian Iron Guard under siege to an adventure into the Blackstone Fortress, high-flying Kharadron Overlords action, a journey into the Realm of Death and a dark search for a rare book. Each of these is a thrilling tale, and together they make up a gorgeous collector’s set.


The novellas will be joined by a trio of Warhammer Horror paperbacks – The House of Night and Chain by David Annandale, Dark Harvest by Josh Reynolds and the short story anthology Invocations. There will be three Horror audio dramas up for grabs as well: The Way Out by Rachel Harrison, Darkly Dreaming by Josh Reynolds and The Watcher in the Rain by Alec Worley. These six titles all delve into the dark places of the 41st Millennium and Mortal Realms, bringing you tales that are sure to terrify.


The Weekender will also see the launch of a new Events Anthology for 2019/20, featuring six short stories from across Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Horror. The authors are Denny Flowers, David Guymer, Darius Hinks, Graeme Lyon, Richard Strachan and Danie Ware, and you’ll be able to get the anthology signed by all six of them across the weekend.


You’ll also be able to choose from a range of fantastic merchandise available at the Weekender, including a trio of 2020 calendars, a stylish and extremely useful reusable bamboo coffee mug and an advent calendar consisting of 25 individually-packaged art prints, one to open each day in the lead-up to Christmas.*


There will also be exclusive framed art prints for sale at the event – you’ll find them in the Weekender Art Studio, in a gallery-style format. We can also reveal that every Black Library Weekender attendee will receive a fantastic goody bag filled with exciting stuff and things.** You’ll get an Adepta Sororitas keyring, Warhammer Horror pin badge, a leatherbound Warhammer Age of Sigmar notebook (with a pen, naturally) and posters, all contained in a fabric tote bag.


For the first time ever, gaming is coming to the Black Library Weekender. Over the weekend, you’ll be able to play participation games where heroes of Black Library books – Inquisitor Eisenhorn, Commissar Severina Raine and Gotrek Gurnisson – will take on hordes of enemies in fast-paced battles. These games will be quick, bloody and perfect for passing time between seminars and signings. You don’t need to bring a thing, as models and scenery are provided – just rock up and play!

On Sunday morning, you’ll also be able to mingle with a host of authors (and an artist) in a meet-and-greet session over hot drinks. Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe, Guy Haley, David Guymer, Andy Clark, Graeme Lyon, Danie Ware, Steve Lyons, Edoardo Albert, Nate Crowley, Denny Flowers, Darius Hinks, David Annandale, C L Werner and Neil Roberts will be on hand to chat about all things Warhammer.

Pick up your Black Library Weekender ticket now, and prepare for an entire weekend of fantastic fun and Warhammer action – and lots (and lots, and lots) of books!

* If you can’t make it to the Weekender, never fear – you’ll be able to get your hands on each of these fantastic items soon – subscribe to the Black Library newsletter to find out how and when they’re available.
** An extremely technical publishing industry term.