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10 Sep 2019
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The Warhammer Age of Sigmar community is always coming up with wild, inventive themes for new armies. The rich background, different Realms, and bizarre locations give ample opportunity for strange, exciting, and sometimes just plain fun conversions. Chris Coles created a Free Peoples army using converted Halflings, and it’s a visual feast – a veritable smorgasbord of tasty little details. Take a look!

Chris: I’ve been playing Games Workshop games for 22 years – my first set was a Gorkamorka box. While I lean towards green-skin armies, I enjoy converting and kit bashing anything I can get my hands on!

When the Blood Bowl Halfling team was released, I initially bought the team to compete in a stunty league at my local store, then I noticed a few conversions online for Halfling warbands for Mordheim.


I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog – and Halflings are no exception – so I immediately began building a Guild Guard spear unit using some leftover Boingrot Bounderz lances and Orc shields. I knew that I was going to enjoy creating this army the second the final grass tuft was glued onto my first completed model, and I was immediately ready for more!


I’m fortunate to receive advice from the community, and I found a wealth of ideas (and bits) as a result of conversations with my friends. One of the most memorable examples was a discussion about what a Halfling could masquerade as in the Mortal Realms! My Demigryph-hound riders were created after a chat about what modern Halflings would ride into battle, whilst the Archers were a homage to the mythical Lumpin Croop from the world-that-was.

One of my favourite models is the unit champion for the Handgunner unit, with the telescope from the Celestial Hurricanum mounted on an Ogor pistol, adding a bit of punch to my army.


The Citadel Contrast paints were released around the time I started work on this army so this project was the perfect excuse to experiment with them! The greens and browns were colours I felt were naturally associated with Halflings from Warhammer Fantasy. I added a few splashes of colour for the unit champions so they’d be easier to spot on the table.


When I began the army I didn’t have a direction for the finished force, I was just happy building Halflings. But when my gaming group decided to try out Meeting Engagements from the General’s Handbook 2019, I knew they had a purpose. I played a few practice games before the Meeting Engagements Tournament at Warhammer World, and have happily had an unbroken losing streak so far! I’ve still enjoyed every game, the poor Halflings sprinting across the table when I rolled a 6 for their advance was very amusing!



I’m keen to play the army outside of Meeting Engagements, as they can work better with the entire force on the table, shooting at full strength from the start. I also have plans to attend the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Doubles Event in October with a few different units and a suitable ally – I just need to finish some more conversions so I can lose all my games in new and amusing ways!

Excitingly, with the Cities of Sigmar book announced, I can’t wait to begin converting even more units – Pistoliers, a Halfling Thief, a Halfling “artillery” train, and a hot air balloon Gyrocopter / bomber (with bottles of hot sauce at the ready!) are all in the planning stages.


As the army expands I’ve been thinking about where they might exist in the narrative, but only time will tell as I play more games and I get the chance to forge my own epic saga.


Now, where did I see those eclairs..?

If this army gives you some ideas, pick up a box or two of the Greenfield Grasshuggers Blood Bowl team to get started!

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