A Primer to the Finest Cities in the Realms

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10 Sep 2019
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The Mortal Realms are full of exotic destinations for adventurers who are brave enough to explore them! And when you need a break, there’s a city to satisfy every whim – each with a unique culture, proud citizens and, most importantly, an army to keep the baddies out.

Get to know the Cities of Sigmar with this handy travel guide.



Foremost amongst the Cities of Sigmar is Hammerhal, the Twin-tailed City that spans both Aqshy and Ghyran. Not only is Hammerhal home to the largest and most varied population of free peoples in all of the Realms – so you know the local food scene’s fantastic – it’s also the seat of the Hammers of Sigmar, first-forged of the Stormhosts.

The thing that unites these aelves, humans and duardin in Hammerhal is a sense of duty to the city above their own interests, and their service in the vast armies stands as a testament to their vows. This stronghold really has to be seen to be believed – and with two very distinct locales, there are twice as many tourist destinations to visit!


Steam Tanks rumble to war in Hammerhal’s enormous, well-organised armies.

The Living City


This wild and vibrant city was built as a monument to the alliance between Alarielle the Everqueen and Sigmar. Be sure to visit the Oakenspire, the foremost stronghold of the Ghyran Guard Stormhost, who fight alongside the surprisingly even-tempered Oakenbrow Sylvaneth.

Don’t be alarmed if you run into aelven Wanderers here. Alarielle forgave them for their retreat from Ghyran during the Age of Chaos and graciously granted the aelves sanctuary in outer quarters of the Living City. Now, they fight proudly alongside the Sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals.


Nomad Princes lead Wanderers pledged to the Viridian Shield.

Greywater Fastness


A marvel of the engineer’s art, this industrious city is famed for blackpowder weapons of all kinds. Marvel at massive forges operated by proud Ironweld guildmasters and Dispossessed mason-lords. Looking for a nice souvenir? Visit the markets for everything from fine duelling pistols to exquisite jewellery.

Please be advised not to travel alone in the Ghoul Mere which lies outside the ponderous walls. The local Sylvaneth have been known to be fairly grumpy following the alleged pollution of their glades.


Engines of war from the Ironweld Arsenal, directed by a Cogsmith

The Phoenicium


Shrouded in a sorcerous golden mist, this revived city is home to the Phoenix Temple, who rebuilt it in the cradle of an ancient ruin. Filled with sophisticated art and places of enlightened study, the aelves strive to recreate all that’s been lost in ages past. The Phoenicium is a real beacon of culture, so be sure to enjoy the beautiful art, architecture, and amber statuary.

Don’t skip a trip to the Golden Castrum – this amber Stormkeep is home to the proud Lions of Sigmar Stormhost. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might even catch a glimpse of a Flamespyre Phoenix passing overhead!


Aelven Warriors form the core of the Phoenix Temple’s armies.



A bustling frontier port in Aqshy, promising action and adventure for those bold enough to seek it. There’s almost nothing that can’t be found in this mysterious city, if you’re willing to pay the right price.

You may notice a cloying fug in the streets, but don’t worry – that’s the not-at-all harmful defoliant smoke produced by the brilliant Ironweld alchemists to keep the aggressive plantlife at bay. If you need a little guidance getting around, there’s always some helpful soul waiting in the shadows to offer a safe escort.


Deadly Corsairs are a common sight in Anvilgard’s armies.



The magical city of Hallowheart is built into a colossal column of basalt, descending into the mystical Shimmering Abyss. The very air here is charged with invigorating magical energies, and the city is filled with splendour, riches and beautiful baubles crafted for your amusement.

We wouldn’t recommend visiting the crystal caverns, however – let’s leave that to the heroic Hallowed Knights Stormhost, shall we? If you happen to feel strange, hear dark whispers, or notice any new tentacles about your person, please seek out the Devoted of Sigmar for a quick, and complimentary, checkup!


A potent Celestial Hurricanum from Hallowheart’s defence forces

Tempest’s Eye


Ride a romantic cable carriage up the side of the majestic Titanspear Mountains to reach Tempest’s Eye, a cloud city like none other. Duardin airships buzz with activity, unloading rarified goods from all over the Mortal Realms to feed the bustling markets.

Take in the scenic Castle Regal, Stormkeep of the Tempest Lords. If you fancy a bit of haggling, need to hire transport or recruit a small army, seek out the Kharadron Overlords known to frequent the sky docks.


This Dispossessed Hammerer defends Tempest’s Eye.

These famous cities are as varied and unique as the Realms themselves. Battletome: Cities of Sigmar goes up for pre-order on Saturday, but in the meantime, you can pick up a Steam Tank or Celestial Hurricanum and get painting right now!

If you want to learn more about the strange and interesting places that can be found in the Mortal Realms, and the armies that defend them, visit the Black Library and grab an audiobook to listen to while you’re painting!